Message from the President

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The Students Association of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon (AEFFUL), one of the oldest associations in the country, celebrated its 105th anniversary this year. As a centenary association, it represents what is best done at the level of Portuguese student associations, guided year after year by innovating and being aware of what the needs of the 1469 it represents. The core of this structure is comprised of 29 leaders, 7 nuclei and 31 members who dedicate their activity to listening and defending the interests of the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon (FFULisboa), acting not only in the field of training, but also in the field of education. educational policy, social responsibility, sport, culture, employability, among others. It is the integration of these various components into AEFFUL’s action that makes it so complete and adapted to the requirements of preparing the Future Pharmacist.

Over the years the progress and successes achieved have been noticeable, as a result of the hard work of those who dedicate themselves daily to this house, leaving a mark that will never be forgotten and forever engraved in AEFFUL’s long history. But the focus doesn’t stop here. We are committed to maintaining an active and active presence in the other local and national forums responsible for the defense and development of quality Higher Education, and a close follow-up with the structures of which we are part, making sure that we leave AEFFUL’s stamp.

And because we want to do more and better, this will be a year of change, a year in which we will be more present and closer to those who move us, a year in which we are committed to listening more to your needs and your voice. Thus, it will be AEFFUL’s goal to increase collaboration with the other structures where we are represented and also with the house that welcomes us, FFULisboa.

May this be a year full of achievements and successes, always striving for the rigor and competence so characteristic of this Association.

Academic greetings,

The president,

Diana Oliveira